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  • Toolbox // Step Record?

    Is Toolbox abandoned for support? Or even a response to basic functionality going away after an update? The toolbox and bitbox are two of the most expensive modules in my rack, along with the high cost should be a high level of support. Your new Blackbox product seems to get much more attention to issues and at minimum a response acknowledging there is a bug and you're working to fix it.

    Multiple inquires have been made on several issues and not a single response or acknowledgement has been made. I understand you're a small company, I'm sure the latest Blackbox product was in part funded from the sales of modules that came before it. i.e. the tool,bit,and synthbox. Please consider refocusing some time and effort to provide better support for your entire product line.

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    Both products are still supported regularly. I can see how it looks like the blackbox gets all the love and attention but as someone who spends his days helping users, I can assure you it is not the case. Please let me know if you have any questions I can answer.

    Also, Step-Record is an interesting suggestion.


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      Interesting suggestion? Seriously. Do you guys read the actual forum? Or even more so know how your own products work and the features they have or rather had?

      It was already asked by another forum member about the functionality of Step Recording going away after an update.
      It was asked more than once. Never responded too. I was waiting for someone to respond to the original poster with a solution. Or at minimum acknowledging its an issue and you're working on it.
      Neither of which ever happened.

      So you can see the functionality referenced in the manual I'm attaching an image. Where is the step record functionality now? Is it gone? Working on a fix?


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        So your question is about Step Recordng. How can I help?


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          In version 2.0. Its gone (Step Record). Steve. I'm asking the questions above. Where is the step record functionality now? Is it gone? Are you working on a fix?
          The same question was asked over two months ago and never responded to.


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            I can confirm that Step Recording is no longer available in toolbox 2.0. I have added it to the bug list.

            I know it seems like the modules haven't gotten any love in a long time. Please stay tuned for some news shortly.


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              Aaron, your "customer happiness enforcer" has done nothing but add more frustration and the polar opposite of happiness. Clearly not understanding the functionality of the module and implying its a "suggestion" for a new feature. "helping users" everyday. I asked the questions, then had to ask again as clearly they weren't read or ignored the first time. Aside from myself asking, the same question was asked over two months in two separate spots of the forum. They were never responded to. People employed to support your products and answer questions need to have a complete understanding of how your products work. Probably one of worst and most frustrating customer service experiences I've had.


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                Toolbox 2.0 was before Steve's time. It's asking a lot to expect him to be familiar with versions prior to that. I had honestly forgotten about step recording until the past two days.

                I am sorry that you are not happy with our 2.0 update. I know that losing features is always a drag. Perhaps you can roll back to the older version for now.

                Thank you for your support.


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                  I also want to see this feature reimplemented,
                  it was a key feature for me to buy your module and now its gone compleatly