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trouble using LFO's as clocks for other things

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  • trouble using LFO's as clocks for other things


    I am trying to clock an Eloquencer with the LFO's on the Toolbox. I have tried all combinations of wave shapes, but what I've found is this:

    -1/16th Saw wave + 8-bar positive square reset = tight timing on the eloquencer but unpredictable reset behavior.

    -1/16th positive square + 8-bar positive square reset = delayed timing (sounds like swing) on the eloquencer but reset is consistent.

    What should I be doing differently? I've tried using a saw on the reset and that is unpredictable as well. The only consistent reset behavior seems to come from the combination of both clocks being positive square waves but then the main clock is delayed.

    Anything I can do? Is there an offset to the duty cycle of the square wave that is slowing it down a 1/32nd?

    Please do not blame the eloquencer; I have clocked it with other sources with no problem.

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    I managed to capture the behavior on video.

    The setup is LFO1 is a saw wave at 16th notes and LFO2 is pos. square at 8 bars. LFO1 is run to the Eloquencer clock input and LFO2 goes to the reset. The drums are being sequenced by the Toolbox to provide timing reference. The synth line is being sequenced by the Eloquencer and shifts to off the beat at around minute 1 when a reset screws up the timing.


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      have you tried driving those external devices from a sequence? I use a Gate sequence with the appropriate number of steps.


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        Steve, while I could do that, it uses up valuable gate outputs that I am already using to sequence my entire live rig. I do use one of the gates as a pseudo-divided clock for the delay but I can't spare any more gates. What is the issue with the LFO's? Could they be set in timing priority such that 1 before 2, 2 before 3, etc? That would make it easy to use 1 as the reset all the time.


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          Steve any thoughts on the LFO synchronization and prioritization? Also could the LFO's stop when the ToolBox is stopped? To me it doesn't make much sense if they are synced to the clock that they run when the clock is stopped on the Toolbox.


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            I will take some notes about this and investigate it. I realize using a cell takes up a sequence - and I get why that is not desirable. I will look into this. Thanks for the report.


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              No worries Steve, I would really appreciate it if there was just some sort of default timing priority such as 1 before 2 before 3, etc. Maybe by 2-5ms, not much. Just need enough for that reset pulse to catch the sequencer back to 1 and then have the first clock hit.