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    I'm using the external clock sync and it's not behaving as I anticipated. I've tried with with the 4ms Quad Clock and Yarns clock out–both of which are quite accurate. Basically, two issues:
    1. If I stop the external clock and start again, the toolbox does not always reset at 1:1. It does sometimes, but is inconsistent. I would expect a stop and start to reset consistently.
    2. If I stop the external clock toolbox always keeps playing. If the external clock stops, I would expect toolbox to stop playing.

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    Regarding the clock reset, you need to stop for at least 3 seconds. This is how toolbox knows the stream has been reset.


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      Thanks for the answer. Is there another way to implement this? 3 seconds is confusing in this context. Other sequencers (thinking of Rene or Circadian Rhythm) typically have an instantaneous response to clock stop/start/reset.


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        I believe the actual number is closer to 2 seconds. There are lots of ways to implement this. How quickly do the other devices reset? Have you run any tests?


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          there are several implementations for synchronizing sequencers; most of the implementations use 2 separate signal types, a clock and a reset line. the master delivers the clock and reset to the slave. The slave sits quiet and listens to both signals, no clock present = no advancing of the steps of the slave, clock present = slave starts stepping instantly. The reset pulse from master sets slave back to step 1. most sequencers are able to accept reset together with clock rise to output step 1 together, of course this is only possible if slave outputs it's step slightly delayed.
          Just checked my circadian rhythms slaved to a metropolis, the delay between clock and first step of the slave is about 25 microseconds, this shouldn't be audible

          some set-ups use a central clock distributing system that output clocks all the time. resetting and starting can be done by slaving one sequencer to another one, or by slaving all sequencers to a division of the master clock, so all sequencers start together every reset pulse. some sequencers even have a separate start/stop input, so they can be run or not independently..

          I do not own a toolbox (yet, but as far as i can see toolbox does not accept external reset signals, so one should consider using toolbox as a master sequencer and designating a gate output as a reset signal and another gate output as clock output...this should work
          but it would be an asset if Toolbox could be synchronized and reset and/or started/stopped as described above
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            furthermore, the same issue exist I think more or less with bitbox (and it's family members).
            Although it is possible to quantize playback in multiples of clock rate and synchronize the clock with an external one, there is no way of decently resetting the clock to the first step if an external sequencer (i could be wrong, but my attempts doing so failed until now)
            it would be nice to dedicate an external input to accept a reset signal, both for toolbox as for bitbox, and getting perfect sync


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              Playback sync should be perceived as instantaneous. 25 microseconds sounds reasonably close as below just noticeable difference . The only reason I could imagine for a delay would be dramatic tempo shifts, but even then the suggestions above should be able to track those changes.


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                Started digging into Toolbox and the clock in doesn’t stay in sync with an external clock. Also, a clock reset in is definitely missing. The MIDI in seems to work generally ok, but the clock in is relatively useless. I see that this was found by other members and I agree. The clock in needs work to synchronize properly with an external clock.


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                  has there been any progress regarding clocking the toolbox firmware 1.1.4?


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                    1.1.4 is the same regarding input clock.

                    I am hearing mixed reports on the Clock Input. It sounds like some types work properly, but a few don't. Could those of you having trouble tell us what you are using to drive the toolbox? Thank you.


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                      I’m using the Doepfer A190-4 USB/MIDI to CV interface. The Toolbox seems to go into a Euclidean pattern. I should say I just got the Bit Box yesterday so looking forward to checking it out.


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                        I'm using a 4ms Quad Clock Distributor


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                          CV 1 and CV 2 jacks, could these be assignable to several functions? Like implementing a real Reset/Run or assignable as other? I was wondering about the Stop/Reset as well.


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                            I'm using the clock out of my Eloquencer, I've also tried using the gate out from a channel, the ER-101 responds better to that but the Toolbox skips all over the place with either.
                            I normally use the Eloquencer as my master clock, I'll dig my CR out of storage and give that a go.


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                              Hi guys,

                              i got a problem with the Midi Sync.

                              I want to sync the toolbox with my Rytm Mk2.
                              I got the 5-Pin Din to 3,5mm TRS Jack Cable for connection, but the toolbox is not receiving anything. (Rytm Midi Out -> Toolbox Midi In)

                              I got no Problem syncing other external stuff with my Rytm.

                              I installed the newest firmware on the toolbox.

                              What am i missing?

                              Greets from Hamburg,

                              EDIT: Cable had the wrong wiring! Changed it and it's working fine.
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