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EXT3 disappeared ... how to reset it?

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  • EXT3 disappeared ... how to reset it?

    I recorded a CV into a slot and after I finished my EXT3 input turned into a CREC.. I think. I can tap on it to select something else but now I cannot get the EXT3 back. I am wondering how to reset that cell. I am on 1.1.1A firmware.

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    BTW ... If i choose other options they do not seem to clock. For example I make it a SEQ the current column does not move. That seems to indicate to me it is in a bad state and was not supposed to be changed from an EXT3.


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      That is really strange. I'm using 1.1.3 right now and can't see how that happened. If you want to fix that particular preset, try editing the XML.

      Thanks for the help.


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        I have seen this too. I will work on reproducing this but I am pretty sure it is related to changing OTHER cells to be different functions than the default.