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Toolbox intermittently triggering

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  • Toolbox intermittently triggering

    Here's a bug that's been bothering me for a quite a while.

    I'm using a note sequencer in toolbox as a kind of arrange window, to trigger 4 and 8 bar samples in bitbox. The step length is set to 4 bars and I'm using MIDI channel 10 to control bitbox in "default" mode. Notes 36-43 fire off consistently, but notes 44-51 are very problematic. With toolbox set to a 4 bar step length, it only triggers about 50% of the time.

    If I delete the preset and make a new one from scratch, it will work as it should for about a minute or so, before the problem reappears, and the triggers are inconsistent again.
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    I'm looking forward to an answer. This is really annoying. That's why I deleted my jam yesterday from YouTube.
    Sometimes it does not stand out when the bitbox gets no trigger, but most of the time it does.

    So its not the "Toolbox", its the Bitbox which gets no trigger signal.

    Cool sound btw
    Random walks on never-ending pattern


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      I think your example might be just a case of bitbox randomly missing a trigger coming in from the BSP every now and then as it doesn't happen a lot. My issue is much more severe, in that it's only triggering about 50% of the time, which makes it totally unusable..

      I'm pretty sure the issue is with toolbox, and it's not sending triggers consistently, as the indicator on the cell in bitbox doesn't light up as it should, and when I make a new toolbox preset, it will work for a minute or so, then it becomes erratic again.


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        Please try the following as a test: On the bitbox, make the target cell a sample (as opposed a clip). Of course the timing may be off, but the point is to see if the problem is the lack of a trigger on the toolbox or the quantization features working incorrectly on the bitbox. On my end this makes a difference with your Chillax demo. Please try on your end.

        Thank you.


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          I can confirm changing it to sample mode does help. Do you think it might be the quantization settings?


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            Originally posted by Dan View Post
            I can confirm changing it to sample mode does help. Do you think it might be the quantization settings?
            Yes, I believe that is the issue making this a bitbox problem. This came up once before. When a sequencer starts a loop by sending a note a tiny amount after the start of the downbeat, bitbox will round up to the next quantization interval and play it very late. We had to add some logic allow late triggers and honor them. It looks like we need to increase the window.


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              I'm not seeing any triggers coming in later on the next quantization interval, though? I'm using MIDI so the note number and trigger should be received at the same time shouldn't it?