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Open source toolbox firmware?

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  • Open source toolbox firmware?

    Hi there. I was wondering what your thoughts are on opening up the toolbox to 3rd party development? I'm sure you have a lot of things you're planning to do with toolbox, but I think if you allow the community to help develop the firmware, it could be awesome for everyone.

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    Thanks for asking. It has been my experience that open source is a big decision and usually plays out as an all or nothing approach. For example, please check out our Euroshield module that embraces the open source community of the Teensy. The module is ideally suited for prototyping something and expands the existing body of work, including the development tools, of the Teensy. We provide about 10 open source samples for that platform.

    Toolbox on the other hand is not set up that way and would require a considerable effort to create the relevant tools and provide community development. We will keep your request in mind.