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Crash when switching presets

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  • Crash when switching presets

    There seems to be a bug in ToolBox, latest release. When switching preset, just after starting up, before hitting play, it freezes and then restarts. It’s both when switching with the + or - button or when through the menu. Switching preset after I hit play is no problem.

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    Hi Yrn1,

    I'm sorry to hear you are having troubles. At least you seem to have isolated it and can work around it. But I still want to get to the bottom of it.

    I just tried this and I can't reproduce it. I wonder if there is an issue either with Toolbox not liking one of your file names, or with your microSD card.

    Would you please try the following and let us know what happens?
    1. Backup all of your files from the microSD card onto your computer.
    2. Clear all files off the microSD card and copy only the files from the 1.1.9 zip file download onto the microSD card.
    3. Now try to reproduce the error with this "clean" microSD card.

    If you don't get the error, this may indicate an issue either with one of your file names or maybe one of the files is corrupt.

    If you do still get the error, perhaps the issue is with the microSD card. Could you please try either reformatting the card or try a different card?

    Let me know what you figure out and we can determine what to do from there.

    Thanks for your patience,


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      Hi Christine,

      It doesn't occur with the stock SDCard content. But I narrowed it down to a minimal case. I have a zip file that reproduces it. I think it has something to do with a preset that contains a CPLAY. Where can I send this zip file to, so that you can have a look?


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        Hi Yrn1,

        That is good to know. It would be very helpful if you would share the problematic file withus. I will send an email to the email address you used to register on the forum with information about where to send the file.

        Thanks for your help and patience,


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          I noticed that the Toolbox will crash if you're loading .wav samples to playback and the sequencer was going. I had two short samples one-shotting via internal triggers (other sequences) and was attempting to load a third when the Toolbox let out a squeal and then rebooted. I didn't have the problem when the sequencer was stopped.


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            Thank you both for the information. We will definitely look into it.