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Gate + Note problem

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  • Gate + Note problem

    I think I discovered a bug. There seems to be an unwanted interference between gate and note sequencers. Here’s how to reproduce:

    - create a gate and note sequencer in the middle column, next to each other. So, instead of having 1 note sequencer that occupies 2 blocks in the center, you split it up in the 2 separate blocks, one note, one gate.
    - place some gates in the gate sequencer.
    - fill the note sequencer with notes. The problem is most obvious when the note sequencer has more notes filled than the gate sequencer. I have both set to 16th’s.
    - patch both to some module.

    When playing this, the gates will not trigger like they are set in the gate sequencer. Instead they seem to sort of follow what is in the note sequencer, but not fully. When muting the note sequencer, the gates trigger correctly.

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    Thanks for letting us know. We will definitely take a look at this.