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Toolbox as slave Midi control issue: Unwanted gate outputs.

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  • Toolbox as slave Midi control issue: Unwanted gate outputs.

    I've got my BeatStepPro midi connected to Toolbox (BSP as controller / master), and they are playing in time with each other, starting and stopping in sync, which is what I want. I have used both a stereo audio cable and a midi 5-pin with adapters to achieve this.
    However, whenever I select a Toolbox gate cell to edit it, Toolbox outputs a gate on every note/hit that the BSP has programmed into it no matter which channel that hit is on (Green, Yellow or Purple). Even when there is nothing programmed into the BSP (empty patterns), Toolbox outputs a gate hit on every quarter-note of the bar when editing a cell. When exiting the cell, this constant output continues to occur until I enter a different cell, changing the original cell to what I have programmed into it, but also changing the newly selected cell to now have the same continuous output problem.

    I have set the cells to a midi channel that is not being used by the BSP, and this still occurs. I have also tried a different midi sequencer and the same thing happens...Toolbox's gate out is constantly produced by whatever the external sequencer is doing on every channel when editing a cell.

    All I want is for Toolbox to follow the BPM and start/stop of the sequencer, and not to output anything that I have not programmed into a cell myself.

    Any ideas?

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    Thanks for letting us know. Right now, toolbox is using MIDI input in Omni mode. It responds to all inputs on all channels. It sounds like you could benefit from a mode where you could specify which MIDI channel (if any) you want each sequence to respond to. You could set your sequence to not respond to any MIDI channels, and then just use the MIDI for the clock.

    I will log this as a bug.

    In the mean time, could you use a CV clock input into the Toolbox from another module?


    • mgroth
      mgroth commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks for the response. I had amused that may be the case, but the midi selection for each cell made me think otherwise...I guess that is only for output? Anyway, your fix would be handy.

      I have used the CV Clock input in the past and it does keep time, but it does not seem to auto start/stop Toolbox playing in the way midi does, and using the Play button is problematic for timing. Or am I missing something? Thanks again.

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    To reset the clock via CV, stop the CV clock input for a few seconds. I can see how the MIDI clock would be more convenient. I still think we need to better control how Toolbox responds to MIDI inputs. Thanks for letting us know. It helps us to hear about how customers are using the toolbox so we can prioritize features.


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      Is this issue going to be sorted out as i have just come across this myself with the BSP and Toolbox , it basically makes it un-usable as a Cv sequencer if you use Midi and as Mgroph says using the clock input is a real PITA as you have no control over your start and stop . I wouldn't class this as a feature but an oversight .