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  • Midi Routing

    How does one route midi? IE: If I want the toolbox transmit sequence data over midi, but also allow incoming midi through similar to a midi thru? I would prefer if I could have it all: Midi in, Midi thru, and Midi out, where all the different paths of midi are summed.

    If this is not implemented, I would very MUCH like to see this. With the wealth of outputs on here, I really am hoping this sequencer becomes a sequencer mastermind.

    Also is there any roadmap to future firmware updates discussing making full use of the series 2 hardware? Really would like to see what is ahead.


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    Hello 2disbetter,

    MIDI Thru happens based on what destination is currently selected, shown by the pink square. As you probably already know, the piano roll sequencers have individual control of the MIDI port and channel.

    Is there something else you would like to see?

    Regarding roadmaps and future updates, you should know that I am software veteran and have suffered the consequences of public roadmaps too many times to mention. The biggest issue is that plans change and I don't want to set expectations for features that may not actually happen. Sometimes over the course of developing product line you discover that the roadmap is wrong and needs to be scrapped. Sometimes another project takes priority. Sometimes to hit the schedule you defer a major feature at the last moment.

    That said, I would love to hear your thoughts and requests as well as the other people here on the forum. We listen carefully to what you say when evaluating what to do next. I look forward to hearing from you.



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      Hello Aaron,

      Sorry I haven't responded to this a little earlier, but a recent thing that happened while using the toolbox has brought me back. Namely, I had the Octatrack plugged up to the toolbox via midi. I have a midi track on the Octatrack setup using channel 1. I also had a sample playing back on audio track 1. When the toolbox and octatrack are both running, I would only hear the sample from the Octatrack, and the sequence the toolbox was sequencing on note sequencers 1-3. I did not hear the midi track being played.

      Then I started working on one of the tracks, by muting it, and editing it. When I unmuted it, I all of a sudden hear the midi track from the octatrack playing. The first time this happened it came out of track 1, as this was the VCA that was firing. The second time it happened it was the 3 track on the toolbox. I don't know how I did it, but the toolbox is taking the midi from the midi in, and is routing it to one of the note sequencer tracks. I have no idea how to configure this, and how to reliably control this.

      I looked through the manual again, and while I saw how the note tracks can record incoming midi in real time or step, I didn't see anything abut external midi sequences being routed (midi thru) or merged with the existing tracks.

      Could you maybe explain this behavior a little more?



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        I'm not following your example. Is the toolbox controlling the Octatrack or the other way around?

        Toolbox MIDI through will take the incoming MIDI on any channel and map it to the currently selected Note Sequencer output port and channel. If something other than a note sequencer is selected, there should be no throughing at all.


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          Octatrack would be sending stuff to the toolbox. You answered the question anyway though! Thanks! So only 1 track can be used for midi thru? And thus only one channel of midi?