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what does the clock in do ?

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  • what does the clock in do ?

    Hi all, first post, got a toolbox the other day and loving it, but I'm having trouble keeping it sync'd

    I'm using a pams new workout as a master clock to sync everything,
    At the moment I'm sending a gate from Pams new workout to the toolbox clock input, if i pres stop on pams new workout for a couple of seconds and then start again, toolbox resets and starts at 1:1 and begins playing back- all good so far, but toolbox seems to ignore the tempo and falls out of sync,.. if i sent individual clock inputs to the cv mod inputs then i can step through the sequencer using pams new workout directly, which is great, but, then i have to set everything to follow ext 1 and the clock still drifts--
    I have found it seems to like 8ppqn in and seems to lock on fairly well and stay sync'd
    there was mention of input mod cv 4 being for run signals somewhere ? If someone could possibly lay out how the clock works/what it's expecting in detail I would be super appreciative!

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    Hi Andrew, almost the same here. Strange is, that I can sync it when I put the sync to internal. Then it runs quite stable with my winter modular eloquencer.
    When I put it on external sync, nothing happens.



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      internal problem first of all open the clock and check it modular eloquence and NTP server.


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        The toolbox expects 4ppqn


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          Yeah I wish they fix this clock issue ... cant seem to make the clock input work at all! Only way to sync seems to be MIDI


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            Originally posted by Steve View Post
            The toolbox expects 4ppqn
            Any chance that there could be a way to access this and adjust it to accept different clocks in a firmware update? As you all can't know what each manufacturer chooses to use may be the simplest way? Or perhaps the ability to turn on a virtual comparator?