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  • Tool box wish list - combo bit box wish list

    For bitbox 2.0 wish list: see

    again thank for these devices. Ive always wanted a polyphonic module, now with the bitbox's upgrades these two modules are one dangerous duo.
    These are my dreams for the toolbox.

    I would like to be able to write a song practically in sonata form with a sequencer. This module seems to be the closest possibility to that.

    -64 step? if an option
    -Alternate patterns
    -chainable presets (song mode) Knowing that this would make it difficult to change stuff on the fly.
    -Readable folders for organization of presets for songs.
    -Ability to change clock rotation t0 :3 :5 etc
    -Note editting:
    1. swing,
    2. Tied notes, get my 13th century cantas firmas on.
    3.Steal from varigate's Repeat, Probablity, delay... (oh yeah swing..)
    4. f**k it.. trills, mordents... broken chord style (arpeggios)
    -reset option for individual sequences. (sometimes while editing they get off track)
    -Piano lane options: Reverse, pendulum, random, stagger.. is inversion possible?.. say m6 up --> M3 down... or in diatonic mode.
    -LFO SEQ section
    1. option for Sequencer or LFO
    2. triggerable LFOs
    3. Voltage controllable options for LFO (depth, waveform, rate?)
    4. Sequencer 64 steps? also a note on its trouble only seeing the first 16 steps.
    -Voltage control program settings (perhaps the 2 unused cv ports, or midi channel setting)
    1.choice of preset
    2. Channel mute control
    3. Alternate pattern choice idea

    Thank you!
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    1. Swing for every single Track
    2. kind of ratched, 3 or 5 times (adjustable) fast repeat of one note before the next begins
    3. glide function between 2 (or adjustable more) notes, adjustable from 1-5 for strongness
    4. Channel un/mute from extern
    5. 64 steps

    if that would be done, it would make the Toolbox a realy strong sequencer


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      -voltage control over step count


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        Thanks for all the ideas. We will add them to the wishlist.


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          It will so nice if it will possible to record melody by Cv input... and a random for write melody


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            SWING NEEDED:

            I've a small system so I can't have many modules, I'm glad I've chosen the toolbox as the "brain" of my modular, but over all the features I would love to see, I miss the SWING from internal clock! I really hope it's coming in the next update, in my opinion it should have been there from the start. In the moment I do it with an ext sequencer , sending half or full swinged gates to the 1st of the cvmod ins... and setting the clock of the single cells to ext1, but this way I must sacrifice the ext sequencer.
            btw bitbox + toolbox combo feels like the ultimate drum machine/ sampler, but swing has to be in there!

            ps: I have problems recording MIDI IN from daw: If i write a sequence in the noteseq of the daw ( ableton or logic) for exemple 16steps, every gate 1 step long in C3, when i try to record to noteseq of the toolbox, every gate will be 2 steps long and it will be transposed on C5. basically the lenght of the step recorded is double and the transposition is 2 octaves,
            what am i doing wrong? is there a way to make it work properly? ( I run the latest firmware 1.14 )
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