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    More scales including microtonal and non-western scales.
    Built-in portamento/slew.

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    Thanks for the requests. Are there any scales in particular you would like to see? We're thinking that offering a custom option would be the best way to cover all of the bases.

    Thank you,



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      I've ran into the "more scales" thing before in another application...took me down the path of scala file implementation (
      Buddy of mine was heavy into microtonal scales, and ended up with a massive library (I mean massive, i think on order of 1000+). I would think it would be cool if there was a way to import a file like the scala so you could define your user scales offline that you want to load. If it did provide this type of support the files already exist (or maybe there is another standard that can be used). Basically what I am trying to say is it might be well worth to implement then to create redundant files and re-create scale standards that might already exist.


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        Scala is great for custom scales.

        However, not everyone wants to or know how to program custom scales. It would be useful to have at least modes and different versions of minor scales at minimum.


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          I agree with you wselman, I couldn't get deep into scala, but a friend of mine is a scale/microtonal fanatic....Still very attractive because, you don't have to know scala I believe if you look there a bunch available already made so you wouldn't have to regenerate. Would give a huge capability to expand/modify, but would probably be easy to plug and play to possibly.


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            Oh for sure. I didn't mean to suggest it was either/or. It's definitely an and/both proposition.