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Clock generator, configurable outs, midi

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  • Clock generator, configurable outs, midi

    1) Would be great if the toolbox could be used as a clock source (like Pam's for example).

    2) Would also be great if we could assign outs in conjunction with the sequencing be used. For example if I don't need gates but want 8 notes sequences then the 8 gate outputs would be configured in this way instead of the hard coding now. Also permitting 4 tracks with 2 gates and cv outs per track would be great. It would permit the toolbox to used for dialed in expressiveness. Which would be really next level!

    3) Midi in and thru - would be amazing if incoming midi could be mapped directly to the toolboxes outs (like a midi to CV converter. If incoming midi and internal sequencing could work together by just merging the data that would also be great! Lastly being able to just send incoming thru and out would be useful for letting the toolbox once again act as a midi hub.
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    As far as clock source, can you not use one of the gates to act as a clock source? Or do you mean separate tempo?
    Would be cool for Global/Independent Tempo per sequencer, and gate pulse-width options.


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      Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding the clock output, sephult is right: You already have a number of ways to output a pulse to suit your needs with both the GATE and LFO outputs. Let me know if we have missed something there.


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        No,no I wanted to do multi tempos, but honestly getting the same now just as multiple of the current bpm is no problem. Just forgot about using more than one gate or lfo for the purpose. Thanks sephult and Aaron for the reminder.

        Went ahead and fleshed out #2.