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  • Updated and refined toolbox wishlist

    Important wishlist items that would greatly improve toolbox's sequencing abilities are:

    - Chaining - the ability to chain note/gate sequences together. Usually called song mode.

    - Note / gate sequence saving - Being able to save the patterns and then recall them within a saved set, versus loading a whole new set would be great. In this way once chaining is implemented the set file would contain all of the patterns and the order they've been chained together in the set.

    - 64 step patterns this becomes moot if chaining occurs.

    - Instead of the gate and lfo columns, it would be nice if we could by default just have 8 note sequencer windows. When you click on a note sequencer to edit it, you can push info to go to settings that would permit you changing it to a gate sequencer (if you are in that column on the hardware) or an LFO. The 4 note sequencers that we have now would be hard coded and can not be anything other than a note sequencer.

    On top of being able to use the LFO outs for LFO duties (should you have them thusly configured) it would be nice to be able to route LFO internally within the sequencer. (This is kind of pie in the sky features for me.)

    - Being able to override a note sequencer (and thus the cv and gate out pair associated with it) for midi thru duty. In this way you could allow up to 4 (you could go to 8 if you wanted) midi channels.

    - Out configurability. Within the functionality described above, being able to pair more than a cv and gate out to a note sequence would be nice. This will require, of course, that the GUI permit sequencing of velocity and modulation date per note steps. This would be pretty advanced, and would put the toolbox pretty far ahead of the competition. (This is not as important as the first 4 points here though.)

    Thanks for the opportunity to make suggestions here. If you need help understanding any of these suggestions please let me know.

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    Thanks very much for this well thought out set of requests. I appreciate them and will refer back to them.