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Midi input selection or filtering .

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  • Midi input selection or filtering .

    Please could you consider a midi input selector for the note sequencers on the toolbox, as it stands any external clock with a sequencer built in is nearly impossible to use with the Toolbox

    For instance , with the Beatstep pro if you use the two sequencers on any midi channels with midi clock/start/ stop you can not use the Note sequencers on the toolbox as it is receiving in omni mode . Christine has already acknowledged this in another thread .
    Options :
    Use the two sequencers on the BSP and not use the Note sequencers on the toolbox which wastes 8 note sequencers .
    Use only the note sequencers on the toolbox and not use the BSP sequencers which means you loose the functions of glide and tie .

    I know it's most probably a PITA to try and implement but using instruments which you can not turn off midi channel data to is a no go because of Toolbox only receives in Omni .

    Toolbox wants to be master but it's unusable unless you buy an external midi filter .


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    Do I understand correctly that you want the option for toolbox to ignore incoming clock?


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      Hi Aaron ,
      No , Midi channel data like note on/off, program changes just like a normal multimbral module which would allow clock to all note sequencers but no other data .
      All your sequencers run off the incoming clock , that's fine but if you have an external sequencer with note data on any midi channel it over rides the toolbox note sequencer and toolbox reads in as a trigger voltage and you just get a "blip" instead of the programmed sequence so the only data you can send thru the toolbox is clock if you want to use the note sequencers , sorry it is a little confusing .
      I'll post a video tomorrow of the issue and you can judge for yourself . Cheers for the reply


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        Alright, the opposite then: You want the toolbox to accept clock with the option to ignore note data on all or some channels. Right?


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          Hi Aaron
          Yes , exactly . i still need to find the time to upload a short vid but that's precisely it


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            Hi Aaron
            Here's the vid about the issue . if you could assign the Note sequencers to different midi channels would this cure the problem or would the gate still be an issue ?