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restore plus and minus preset increment decrement buttons

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  • restore plus and minus preset increment decrement buttons

    The previous preset increment and decrement buttons as represented by + and - have been removed. It is no longer possible to switch presets without entering the preset menu. Restore the buttons to the GUI so that increment/decrement of presets is possible again. This is an essential live performance feature.

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    Thanks for raising this point.

    In toolbox 2.0, we thought that having 4 separate sequence layers per cell would reduce the need for hot preset switching. In addition, song mode lets you switch between these layers as a group and supports chaining. Do you (and anyone reading this post) still need the old method of live switching of presets? I can certainly appreciate that your existing content is built for the old method and changing it would be disruptive.


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      I use 20+ presets in a performance. 4 parts is by no way adequate to stay on a single preset for the entire performance.

      How am I supposed to sequence 20-30 minutes of music when I can only use 4 parts on each cell? That's extremely limiting. The previous format allowed for unlimited set creation provided you named your presets in alpha-numeric order.


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        Switching between presets has a lag ... its not smooth, there are dropouts,
        so makes it real tough to switch seamlessly between presets when playing live