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wishlist: need for options.

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  • wishlist: need for options.

    This mainly has to do with playability

    *******As many modulation options as possible.*******
    pattern direction, beat displacement(shift pattern),.... my wish: modulation options over articulation of individual notes, or Atleast.. articulation of notes.
    Cv control over any and all possible parameters.
    I like Cplay, but I think it needs more control options and it would be nice if it would sync to the tempo of the track.

    Chainable presets, or alternative patterns, or some kind of song mode.

    Assignable midi CC as modulation source. Also be able to send (SEQ, LFO, Cplay) as midi CC.
    In addition, more midi in options in general.
    -I would almost ask for an expander module with more cv ins, however, what im looking for could work with midi cc in.

    ********Changeable clock rotation*********. The ability to have the clock rotate at different rates is really important for certain pieces.
    if anyone can explain why this one isnt a good idea or wouldnt be useful, please do.

    assignable cell outputs.
    now that there are 16 cell choices available, I feel that it makes sense to choose an output as a choice, then you could put that under voltage control and flip through.

    Just as a side note, im interested mainly in functionality. One thing ive come across in the electronic music is a dislike for writing music on paper. Paper has its complications, having to deal with imperfect people and all, but I think it should be noted that technically speaking, paper is the ultimate sequencer. You can write what ever you want and If you do, the next measure you can write it backwards upside down, with trills ontop, in a different key and mode, change tempos, time signatures... This is not as easy for an electronic sequencer to do, but the electronic sequencer does have cv and midi.

    So, for me, as much control over everything is really the most important thing, otherwise I might as well just make loops in the bitbox.

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    Thanks for the feedback. We will take your ideas into consideration.