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Ability to retain session settings

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  • Ability to retain session settings


    I am a new Bluebox user and use it as a mixer for my standalone setup. Here are some small items I have am having some issues with and hope to find a solution for:

    1. Why is there no power off button? I have all my gear connected to a multi-power outlet which I use as a power button for all the gear that don't have power buttons.
    2. Is there a way to force the box to keep the settings from the last session open? I power off my unit and when I power back on I have to reset it back up for 12 track use.

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    First, hold the B button to enter sleep mode. This is our closest thing to a power button.

    Next, the bluebox loads the most recent project upon startup. Create a new project with the settings you want and save it.

    Let us know if this does not help.