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  • Cv Seq idea/dream

    the CVSEQ reminds me a lot of the "Propellerhead Reason Matrix" which is probably still one of the best software sequencers, and the only thing I still miss from Reason since I'm not using it anymore.
    If it was possible have an option for scaled/quantized steps, it would be great for making instant mono sequences. With midi ,it could even send gates and velocity ( maybe switching on a velocity menu) and it would be even more amazing. I'm just thinking, but I guess this could be done on the module, and when making mono sequences, it would be an amazing alternative to the noteseq which is good especially for polyphonic seqs, but sometimes feels too much closer to a "computer like" sequencer.
    To analogue synth fanatics, the Matrix Pattern Sequencer is one of the highlights of Reason's toolbox.

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    A mono vs poly option on the Note sequencer might be a way to implement this.


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      This was the first question I asked support after getting Toolbox: 'Is the SEQ Cell output quantized to the selected scale?' Crazy that it is not; would be so fun to make random note patterns in this way.