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    From the manual: "Every good craftsperson needs a toolbox that contains some standard tools that help them do their work. We think Eurorack musicians need a toolbox for their craft as well."

    Can't agree more, so I just bought this module, and, to be honest, ignored and overlooked the fact that it's currently much more a sequencer than a toolbox. I was mainly intrigued by the cv recording feature and thought "well, there will be firmware updates, it will become more of a toolbox over time".

    So, it seems, I am the only one not asking for more sequencer functions but suggesting the addition of more standard utility functions, like in Disting, Kinks, Cold Mac, Plog, Jones O'Tool, for example, but with the much superior i/o hardware and unique touch screen usability of 1010music's series 2 platform. Wouldn't it open up a whole new application area and customer potential and make it a real "toolbox"? I might be wrong, but aren't these standard tools like logic functions, a quantizer, offsets, voltage display etc. comparatively easy and straightforward to implement?

    What do you think?


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    Thanks for writing.

    There is an overwhelming number of possibilities in our modules. We also have a huge request list for each of them. That is part of the reason we created Euroshield, because if there is something specific that you want you have the power to make it happen.

    We will keep your requests in mind. We have our work cut out for us. Take care.