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  • Tracks, velocity, more

    I’ve been using the Toolbox for quite some time now and these are the things that are starting to annoy me and looking towards other sequencers:

    * editing velocity: it’s really a pain that the only way to get velocity per note is to play it with a midi keyboard and that it cannot be edited afterwards.
    * outputting velocity over CV: I now have to use a midi converter to get velocity on CV. With the bitbox, it works fine of course since it has midi ;-)
    * an ability to load a single cel: doing a live set with the toolbox is difficult, since you can only load a complete ‘screen’. So it is really difficult to evolve bit by bit. Some sort of ‘track’ feature would be great, where e.g. a whole row can be loaded at once. I typically have a row per ‘instrument’ (baseline + accent + filter, drums...) so then I could load a new track per instrument.
    * muting notes: the sequences are pretty static now. Ok, we can change length. But having some way to mute notes, e.g. by input from another cell like random LFO or gate, would be great.
    * random generation: like a Turing machine, or to randomly initialise a sequence
    * slide: or portamento

    Imho, with these features, or even a subset of them, the module would be a lot more useful.

    thanks for listening!

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    Thanks for your feedback. We will consider these ideas for a future release.