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  • [SEQ] - (Pitch / Resolution / Scaling / Sub-Division / Mutes)

    Good Morning Everyone!

    One thing I am finding with the toolbox is the desire to use the SEQ more and more.
    In my other applications I utilize similar step sequencing where the CV levels indicate quantized pitch outputs and gate.

    I really would like to see the SEQ have the option to output scaled pitch, linear/log/exponential adjustment (sometimes I find myself finely touching just the bottom of the screen as I just need low voltages....maybe a pinch-zoom like the piano roll view would work well). Ability to adjust the transposition of the values would also be very valuable.

    Assigning a gate output to the rate of the sequencer would be nice as well (well I assume I could just use a different cell to do this).

    1. Pitch and scaling options
    2. Zoom/Resolution
    3. Maybe a conditional One-Shot assignable from another cell (Piano Roll Note C-4 could be assigned to trigger SEQ4 in a different slot to automate CV event).
    4. Step mutes
    5. If possible smaller division splits. Selecting a specific bar could then show a sub-sequencer for that time which can cut finer slices for ratching or glitching type effects.
    6. Step-Hold or re-trigger for gates cells or gating output of sequencer. Instead of just a gate each step, a hold (pulse width till next gate) would be a great option. This would allow more lively sequences from the gating. I know the Piano Roll allows the note extension, most times the gates and sequencers are my first go-to options when quickly patching.
    7. Ability to have option to Expand/Compress Sequencer view. Say if only 4 steps are used then display 4 large bars instead of all 16. If 32 steps then show all on one screen.
    8. I'm not sure about the Gate Pulse Width, and was wondering if an adjustment should be available for this. Possibly have the ability to adjust for better compatibility with quirky modules?

    Just some thoughts, not sure if mentioned before, I just keep finding myself coming back to this sequencer as one of my main uses of Toolbox.
    I seem to desire these things each time I use.

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    Hi sephult,

    It sounds to me like you are using an Seq when you really need a Note sequencer. Have you tried doing what you want using a NOTE? What am I missing? Also, for the SEQ, have you discovered that you can use the knobs to adjust the height for very fine level control? The knobs are the only way I can get a step back down to 0. The left knobs advance the cursor and the right knobs adjust the height.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • sephult
      sephult commented
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      Hi Christine!

      Yes you are right about the Note or Piano Roll. I also use a lot of Sequencers very, very close to the one on Toolbox. It's easy to quickly just draw out a sequence, and apply scaling and nudge the few notes you want. As far as the knob control, yes I like that...however the huge part about Toolbox is the touchscreen itself. Say if you are using the sequencer to drive pitch, your scaling is at the point where each bar is only a minimal amount visible for a bassline, etc... This takes away the intuitive control (at least in any pitch control), plus "yrn1" is correct about the voltages being displayed. It's very hard to get things the way you want. These types of things would definitely help make the use of the touch screen stand out and the sequencer would be a quick and easy way to automate either pitch or cv. Even if the adjustments of log, linear, exp are applied minimally this would allow to tailor the play-ability. The voltages themselves could be displayed at the bottom of each bar...maybe the bars could be shifted and a small column at the bottom would allow the display of voltages and/or other future parameters.

      Having an extra column at the bottom with the display voltages could also be used as a method of "mute" as well for the sequencer steps. Even further an option of gate length or note tie could be available and if in that mode could display parameters when that mode is active.

      I actually mention some of these things because I have the same type sequencer I use with my Usine Hollyhock patching...the software is multi-touch capable and this type of sequencer is nice to quickly come up with ideas and very playable.

      Further conversion of a seq to a Note cell...would be a cool feature to quickly lay down via sequencer, change to a Note cell and your notes appeared as they were in the sequencer for more detailed adjustment. Plus the Note is great...but it needs draw option like the sequencer and possibly option to lay only one note per gate so you don't accidentally play two notes.

      Just some ideas...the sequencer I love and is always my go-to for quick creation, play-ability to turn steps on/off live to humanize and add probability.
      Then I record those things into a Note type layout for finer adjustment.

      That is my typical flow, hope some of the feedback helps...
      I've already bombarded Aaron about the sequencer before....I just love seeing these mature.


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    It would really help if the voltage and note would be displayed though...


    • Christine
      Christine commented
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      The note is represented by the piano keyboard down the left hand side. But you're right that we don't display the voltage. Where would we put it?? It's a small screen!

    • yrn1
      yrn1 commented
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      I meant on the seq screen.