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Loving the latest firmware.

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  • Loving the latest firmware.

    When I got my Toolbox, I was kind of "meh." Then I installed the latest firmware... night and day. I love being able to use the knobs to fine tune notes and CV sequences. Happy, happy!

    Maybe I missed it, but I'd love to see one option for performances. When muting or unmuting sequences, LFOs, etc (the purple screen)... I'd like to see an option in the settings to unmute on release. This is an option in Ableton Live that I like (for reference). It's a little more accurate to release than press... aka taking my finger away rather than apply it.

    I'd like it as an option buried somewhere. We'll just add that to the pile... but I hope it's an easy (relatively) feature to add.

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    Ronin, thanks for writing and for the suggestion. It's not currently possible to unmute on release. We will add it to our list.