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  • Alternative Pattern Mode

    I'd like to see the Toolbox house the ability to hold multiple sequences in each cell.

    For example if I have a pattern loaded in the first CV/gate sequencer slot, I'd like to be able to change that pattern to another stored pattern on the fly. This would be very handy for constructing entire songs. For the intro, verse, chorus, etc. having a different pattern for each and then cuing them when appropriate would be great.

    I would implement this using the HOME button. Currently, pressing the HOME button when viewing the main page sets the sequencer in "mute" mode. Green patterns play while red patterns are muted. Pressing HOME again takes the sequencer out of mute mode. I'd like the HOME button to also toggle through another mode: picking alternate versions of sequencers/LFOs. When in "ALT" mode, every cell will become blue. Pressing each cell will step it through every alternate pattern stored there. Instead of displaying a visualization of each cell's sequence, a number will appear. Tapping the cell will move through the variations and back to number one.

    Alt sequences will need to have the same attributes as the first sequence (number of steps, time divisions, etc.). Alternate sequences can be initialized or deleted in the same menu as the copy/paste/clear menu for that cell. If an alternate sequence is deleted, any alt sequences will renumbered. Example: deleting alternate sequence 2 out of 1-4 will cause 3 and 4 to be renumbered 2 and 3 respectively. A cell can be advanced automatically by linking it to respond to one of the CV Ins, an internal LFO or gate sequence.

    By linking multiple sequences to some sort of trigger, a "scene" can be developed much like that in Ableton.