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  • Automation mode

    I think it would be great to have a automation mode for writing your own cv modulations

    and also i wich for :
    rdm note select and or cv over timeline.
    independent start/stop and reset function.
    direction mode(backwards,oneshot,pingpong)
    looping in pianoroll, with cv over length, start/end, windowsize, windowposition
    and quantize option for 1/32d, 1/16d, 1/8d, 14d....

    i know its a lot to ask for but i have really some expectations on this one, i find the look so nice and the workflow reminds me a bit of my favorite daw pianoroll window. Love it already very much, it makes writing my melodys even easier than on my pc
    thanks to all members of 1010music so much for the great work you have done and will do

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    Have you tried using the Bar SEQuencers and CV REC/PLAY for automation?


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      Yes i knew i could do it kind of with the barSEQ, but it works more like a steppt velocity, i would like to have a smoth or linear cv for automation.
      i do it at the moment with a slew, but i dont like to waste my maths like that
      also the rec/cplay mod is great, but cant change/edit afterwards...


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        Thanks for the ideas. We will consider them for future updates.