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Toolbox as MIDI to CV converter.

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  • Toolbox as MIDI to CV converter.

    The Toolbox is great as a sequencer. In my rack I have a 1010 Toolbox and an Expert Sleepers FH2. The FH2 is pretty powerful... but it's clumsy as hell to use.

    The Toolbox (series 2 hardware) has EVERYTHING needed to be a serious MIDI to CV converter and a huge display for altering a MIDI to CV set-up quickly and easily.

    I see the potential for the following:

    Up to 8 gate+CV outputs
    Up to 4 CV+Envelope Outs
    Up to 4 quantizers
    Being able to use the unit as a real-time MIDI processor like the Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Processor
    Expanding the number of gate/CV outs by plugging the hardware MIDI Outs to an expander with MIDI IN and CV/gate outs
    Easily save your set-ups and modify them.

    I can see starting an idea in Toolbox mode, then when you're ready to expand on the idea, using the box as a MIDI to CV converter with a swap of the firmware.
    I do appreciate being able to use the Toolbox to control a light show. But a MIDI to CV converter would dove-tail much better for everyday use.

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    Or, in a less drastic approach, lock some cells as fixed midi->cv, instead of always the active cell


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      Interesting. We will keep in mind when we are considering future features.


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        The MIDI to CV cell type is a great idea, especially for converting MIDI CCs!

        I think about buying the toolbox as my second 1010music module and this feature would sell me.