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Toolbox as MIDI to CV converter.

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  • Toolbox as MIDI to CV converter.

    The Toolbox is great as a sequencer. In my rack I have a 1010 Toolbox and an Expert Sleepers FH2. The FH2 is pretty powerful... but it's clumsy as hell to use.

    The Toolbox (series 2 hardware) has EVERYTHING needed to be a serious MIDI to CV converter and a huge display for altering a MIDI to CV set-up quickly and easily.

    I see the potential for the following:

    Up to 8 gate+CV outputs
    Up to 4 CV+Envelope Outs
    Up to 4 quantizers
    Being able to use the unit as a real-time MIDI processor like the Music Corp MX-8 MIDI Processor
    Expanding the number of gate/CV outs by plugging the hardware MIDI Outs to an expander with MIDI IN and CV/gate outs
    Easily save your set-ups and modify them.

    I can see starting an idea in Toolbox mode, then when you're ready to expand on the idea, using the box as a MIDI to CV converter with a swap of the firmware.
    I do appreciate being able to use the Toolbox to control a light show. But a MIDI to CV converter would dove-tail much better for everyday use.

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    Or, in a less drastic approach, lock some cells as fixed midi->cv, instead of always the active cell


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      Interesting. We will keep in mind when we are considering future features.


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        The MIDI to CV cell type is a great idea, especially for converting MIDI CCs!

        I think about buying the toolbox as my second 1010music module and this feature would sell me.


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          Seems like any more MIDI to CV flexibility is essential and hope its not too difficult to spin into a firmware update soon.
          Would take the Toolbox to another level at the heart of any hybrid MIDI / CV setup which opens up its market adoption.


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            I'll add my voice to MIDI to CV. The OP has amazing ideas.


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              Yes please! I have just tried to use Toolbox as a midi to cv converter and it is sooooo close but just not quite there. It converts on the active cell, but as soon as you move off the cell, it stops responding. And it does not seem to care which midi channel I set the cell to, as if it is stuck on omni-midi mode.

              I agree with locking cells to be dedicated midi-cv converters, so long as a different channel can be set for each cell.

              Or, maybe the four Midi Out ports could be cv note converters for midi channels 1 to 4 (respectively) as surely this would be more useful for eurorack.
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                Originally posted by mdpick View Post
                I'll add my voice to MIDI to CV. The OP has amazing ideas.
                Well you sure know how to make my ego swell. Thanks. I wish I had the knowledge to program them myself else I'd hack this thing and make it so. But that's like a four year degree level of knowledge and a ton of talent.


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                  There are many things I like about the Toolbox, but as has been previously mentioned, if it had straight-up midi-to-cv conversion with midi channels mapped to cells, I would actually use it a lot more in my live performances because i could alternate between playing a voice from an external keyboard or other controller, or letting a sequencer (or arpeggiator?) play the voice, depending on if the cell was activated or not.
                  I'd love to see this feature in the future, if it's in the cards.