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  • Custom Scales, Envelopes

    I'm really surprised there are so few scales. At minimum it should include all the modes, but preferably you should be able to select a scale and omit notes from it, and assign a different scale per cv row and or place scala files on the SD card for use. It looks like all the scales are wrapped up in the binary.

    Having LFO outputs is great, but it would make a lot of sense, and save quite a bit of HP if some of those could be made to be envelopes triggered by the CV lanes or receiving a delayed trigger from the CV lanes rather than using the master clock, or allow the gate outputs to send envelopes instead of gates if they are electrically capable of doing so.

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    jeah i thoughed that it is possible to make envelopes !


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      Thanks for your thoughts. We are sorry we can't do everything. We will consider your requests for a future release.