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Top 10 Features I would like to see

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  • Top 10 Features I would like to see

    some features I would like to see in the near future to make this a real workstation.

    • envelope mode ADSR (with ext. Source & internal triggers and note patterns to trigger)

    • LFO reset

    • Ext. Trigger for Rdm lfo

    • patterngenerator with fill function (1/16, 1/16T,1/8, 1/8T,1/4, 1/4T...) and in notes (chrom, major, minor, rdm etc...)

    • actual trigger length in trigger mode ( that the trigger is held on for 1/16, 1/16T,1/8, 1/8T,1/4... and so on.

    ​​​​​​• finer range of note length in sequencer mode (1/64)

    ​​​​​​• rate ratcheting or note repeat in seq. mod and trigger mod (1/32, 1/32T, 1/64, 1/64T)

    • move seq. in seq. Mod & trigger Mod by 1-128 to left or right. (Best by only the selected part(black frame in note seq. Mod by widening it))

    • move notes up and down by +/- or spread notes rdm with probably (1-100%)
    ​​​​​​(again best by selecting only the needed part with the black frame)

    • micro-tuning (+/-64cents) per note

    • play seq. or trigger forward, backwards, ping-pong, rdm)

    I would very apriciate to see some of that or maybe in a different form of it in the next firmaware updates. Thank you so much as always for the great work you have done.

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    Thanks for preparing this list. We will revisit it when the time comes for another major update.


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      PLEASE add some Ratcheting and random PLEASEEE!!!


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        Yes, I think as well that these two features the most needed and missing ones in the toolbox right now.
        hopefully they are looking for our advices here to make toolbox finally a usefully thing...