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  • X - Y Trigger Pad

    This is a more live performance orientated suggestion, but the idea is also to be able to record it. since there are not to many touch displays in eurorack, it would be a nice thing that 1010music would consider to take a look in this concept of a X Y pad.

    Trigger mode:
    gives triggers out to trigger envelopes or other things (Y) and to hold envelopes (X)
    X - Quantizes the length of the trigger.
    Y - Quantizes the steps of the trigger repat.

    Note mode:
    gives 1v/oct out on (X) and the triggers on (Y)
    X - Triggers the notes in a given scale.
    Y - determines the length of the triggered note.

    CV mode:
    Gives a voltage out dependent on x and y axis,
    very much like a joy-stick.
    X - 0-5V
    Y - 0-5V

    It could be like this X is cv output 5 and Y is on cv output 6. The scales are preferably to be edited up to 12 notes very much like an arppegiator. And of cause it should be all recordable but the main idea is to be live fill a drum pattern in a kind of note repeat way.

    Let me know what you think of this idea and if it has a chance to be realized in the toolbox.