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Free mode for each "slot"

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  • Free mode for each "slot"

    I would really like if you with the sixteen slots could choose one type of function for each. For instances if I would like twelve trigger and four cv sequencers or the other way around

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    I believe the problem with this would be that the hardware physically has only 8 cv and 8 gate outs. The gate outs can only do like 5v, where the cv can do the full 10v. It isn't completely hopeless if you don't need the full octave range, or can use an attenuater to adjust the octave beyond the 5v of a gate. That could be do able I think, just not sure it would be worth it.


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      5V is fine I believe my Voltage block only have range of 0 - 5V and thats fine


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        But if not then 5V is useable for what reason then it could be very cool if you at least could chose what kind those 8 CV should be, so you could choose 0-8 of any of the type of CV sequencer for instance 3 LFO's 2 note sequencers and 3 CV modulation or just 8 CV modulators or 8 LFO's or whatever