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  • CV Sequences

    I really enjoy the seq mode on the cv channels of toolbox. Here are some features i would like to see regarding this screen:
    • Make the mini preview on the main-screen display a minified version of the sequence itself (similar to how it is done for gate sequences) instead of just a string "SEQ#"
    • Give the two knobs which are mirroring the "step select" and "set value" functionality a more performative meaning:
      • like setting the sequence length directly from this screen !!
    • Make the sequence screen visually adapting the sequence length especially when below 16 steps
      • update the view in realtime when using the set sequence length feature described above (but this could be annoying if the sequence length is modulated externally?! so then behind a feature toggle)
    • set a min and max value in volt which will be used over the full visual representation of one step to get predefined and more accurate
      • as an alternative to min and max a start and span value would also be nice (actually i would prefer this solution, its more performative in context of external modulation)