With the latest update the Toolbox is close to my dream sequencer. The only big thing missing is control over sequence direction. I would love to be able to reverse sequences and randomize the order of the current sequence. It is the one thing that while jamming with the Toolbox I find myself constantly wanting to be able to do.

Some other ideas that I had, but don't feel as immediately necessary to me:

The Ability to modulate layers. Using external or internal CV to move through layers would be awesome.

A way to simultaneously switch layers for multiple tracks would be awesome. But it might be easier to implement global layer switch, which would be fun.

I also wish that transposition would reset to 0 for new layers.

Finally, since there is an onboard quantizer, I would kill to be able to have microtonality, custom scales, and Scala support (Especially Scala midi key-mapping.) I know that is a big project, but I think it would make the Toolbox really stand out even more than it already does.

Some really fantastic things here. Excited to see what the future brings.