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How to Install New Firmware on Blackbox

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  • How to Install New Firmware on Blackbox

    Blackbox owners can update the blackbox firmware to get the latest features and other updates. The firmware can be updated with the factory image, which includes the original presets, or just the firmware itself. You can also choose individual presets to copy over to your microSD Card.

    Install New Firmware
    Here are the steps required:
    1. Download the blackbox firmware onto your computer. You can find the latest firmware images in the firmware downloads sub-forums on this site. NOTE: You must be a registered member of the forum in order to access the firmware download sub-forums for the products.
    2. Unpack the zip file. Some browsers do this automatically for you.
    3. If you want to replace the Presets with the factory image, copy the full contents of the zip file onto a microSD card. If you do not want to overwrite your presets, copy only the BLACKBOX.BIN file to the microSD card. NOTE: the microSD card must be formatted with FAT32, MS-DOS (FAT), or ExFAT.
    4. Insert the microSD card into your blackbox.
    5. While powering up the unit, hold the BACK and INFO buttons. When you see the message about upgrading the firmware, you can let go.
    6. When the upgrade finishes in about 15 seconds, the unit will restart with the new software.